The 20th September 2017 at MAICH meeting Room Nicolò Cultrera held a seminar related to his work at CNR IBBR and his secondment at SEVITEL. 

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Moreover Kostantinos Blazakis held an oral presentation with a title “Description of olive cultivars through morphological parameters by using advanced mathematical algorithms” related to his work for the BeFOre Project during the International Conference “Climate Changing Agriculture, 29 August-2September 2017, Chania, Crete.



Today, the 12th of September 2017 at CNR ISAFOM library has been held a Presentation day with people seconded to CNR ISAFOM. 

The seminar was held by Pierluigi Pierantozzi (INTA), Ghina Jebbawi (LARI) and Nikolaos Kamvisis (SEVITEL) at the presence of CNR scientific personnel.

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Monday, September the 4th, the  BeFOre Project Legal Task has been held a Seminar related to he legal Framework for Implementing the Nagoya Protocol in the Before Project at the presence of BeFOre Project scientists.

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The BeFOre Project, thanks to the partecipation of CIA UMBRIA and CNR, has been present at Gubbio DOC Fest, a musical and cultural event in the city of Gubbio (Italy). Starting from August the 3rd until August the 6th, the city hosts various events. BeFOre Project was present in the CIA UMBRIA stand ifor the whole duration of the event.

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The 24 of July 2017 Prof. Mayorga and Prof. Treggiari held a seminar at University of Perugia, Department of Law about "Biodiversity and health in the indigenous community of the south of the World". The seminar was attended by students and professor of the department. 


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