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The 18th of June at University of Perugia Law Department, has been presented the book Biodiversidad y conocimientos tradicionales. The authors belongs to University of Perugia and Universidad de la Frontera, both involved in the BeFOre project and follows the scientific collaboration born during several secondments.

The presenation, made by prof. Treggiari of UNIPG and Prof. Mayorga of UFRO has been attended by several professors, P.hD students and guests. Special thanks to prof. Oliviero, Pinero and Vezzani, who contribuited to the discussion.


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Olive Biodiversity seminar

On May, the 21th, 2018 Optimum Quality organised a Presentation day on Olive Biodiversity.

During the seminar Dr. Andreas Theodorou from MAICH made a preseantation on "Olive cultivation in Aetoloakarnania, Greece: The case study of Amfilochia", provinding general information about olive cultivation in Greece (different cultivars and practices) and more specifically about Aetoloakarnania, which is one the biggest regions in Greece and according to some stats, the biggest in Kalamon olive production. He also presented a part of his research on olive producers in the area of Amfilochia and the problems faced.

During the presentation day M.rs Nadine Oudaiet and Ghinwa Al Hawi presented the situation of the researches carried out in Balkin Station (LARI - Lebanon).

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Professor Treggiari, on 9th of May, 2018, held a seminar at Universidad Autonoma de Baja California on the topic:
The Nagoya Protocol: natural resources, common goods and indigenous people.
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The 9th of May, 2018 Dr. Ranocchia (CNR ISAFOM) and Nour El Kreidy (LARI) held a seminar during a CNR presentation day. The seminar has been attended by scientist from CNR ISAFOM and CNR IBBR.

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For a three months period Aristotelis Azariadis performed a months of secondment at CIA Umbria. The 19th of April 2018 he performed a seminar at the presence of CIA staff, CNR scientists and some agricultural productor interested on the topic. 

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