On June, the 15th was held a BeFOre Presentation day at CNR ISAFOM library. The presentation day was held by 

- Nadine Oueidat (seconded from LARI to CNR ISAFOM)

- Nicolò Cultrera (seconded from CNR IBBR to SEVITEL)

- Luca Scutigliani (seconded from CNR IBBR to SEVITEL)

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The 14th of June, at the end of her secondment, Dr. Angelina Belaj performed a seminar at CNR IBBR library. The seminar was attended by CNR IBBR and CNR ISAFOM personnel and by researcher belonging to University of Perugia.

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On 7th June, 2017 has been held a BeFOre Presentation day at INRA Marrakech Conference Room.

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The seminar involved researcher seconded from CNR IBBR (Roberto Mariotti), CNR ISAFOM (Soraya Mousavi) and MAICH (Aristotelis Azariadis), with the contribution of Abdeljabar Bahri, Lhassan Sikaoui, Abdelmajid Moukhli and Hayat Zaher at the presence of INRA scientists.

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On 23th May, 2017 a BeFOre Presentation Day has been held in Sala de Olivicultura, at IFAPA Centre "Alamada del Obispo".

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The seminar involved three researchers seconded to IFAPA from LARI (Faten Dandachi) and NCARE (Tariq Okashesh and Mohammed Al-Omoush) at the presence of IFAPA scientists. 

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The 24th of March at the University of Perugia during the entomology section and in the presence of the students Dr. Zinette Moussa held a presentation related to the BeFOre project.


The main topics of the presentation were:

- The main agricultures crops and agriculture areas of Lebanon

- The principal crop pests

- The role of LARI to resolve the agriculture problem

- The importance of studying entomology at the university for the future engineers

- The researches at the laboratory of entomology (LARI)

- A resume about the fruit flies survey in Lebanon and the methodology of the survey

- A video about the life cycle of a fruit fly

- Details about the project between LARI and UNIPG under Before project: Study the genetic variability in the population of olive fruit flies in Lebanon. Including the part done in Lebanon and the part done during my stay at UNIPG


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