On July the 27, 2018 has been held a tasting day on the mono-varietal oils belonging to the Olive Collection of the EEA San Juan - INTA, which is located in the Campo Anexo San Martin (Argentina). The conference has been held at the Institute for Research and Technological Development for Agriculture of the Cuyo region (INTA IPAF CUYO), in the department of San Martin (Argentina).

Dr. Mariela Torres presented the INTA collection, its story and activities of characterization of crops from an agricultural, biochemical, industrial and molecular point of view. The activity presented is the result of several years of research and investments in collaboration with national and international institutes.

Dr. Pierluigi Pierantozzi presented the expansion plan of the collection and the tests that will be carried out. The aim will be to evaluate the adaptation of new cultivars to mechanized harvesting, as well as the capacity for resilience to change.

Eng. Juan Pablo Catellano presented the technical conference between INTA and the Trilogia company, whose main objective is the assessment of mono-varietal olive oils from an industrial point of view.

For the occasion, Prof. Daniela Farinelli (University of Perugia), responsible for the collection of Olivoat UNIPG and in secondment at INTA within the BeFore Project, explained the importance of the Agrarian databases of Perugia, whose main objective is to evaluate resistance to cold.

Finally, Ing. Elina Buffa coordinated the tasting of 5 mono-varietal oils from the collection belonging to the 2017/2018 campaign. The cultivars have been declared: Maurino, Ascolana Tenera 1 (Harvest in May), Ascolana Tenera 2 (Harvest in April), a pre-selection INTA and Leccio del Corno.

Industrialists and professionals from the olive sector attended the day.

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The 19th September, 2018 a CNR presentation day has been held at CNR ISAFOM library. At the presence of CIA UMBRIA, CNR ISAFOM and CNR IBBR researchers and scientists and some high school students, six seconded people presented their work to the hosting institutions.

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Here it is possible to find the interview with Prof. Ferdinando Treggiari, who spoke about natural resources, common goods and indigenous peoples and the Protocol of Nagoya. The interview has been released by UABC radio.

20180831 111702The 31st Augoust 2018 prof. Ferdinando Treggiari, seconded from University of Perugia to SEVITEL, performed a seminar on the legal framework related to ABS system. 

The seminar was attended by researcher and technical staff.

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Lugnano CONFERENCE PROGRAM before 020718

On July the 2nd, 2018 at City Hall of Lugnano in Teverina the BeFOre Project organised a Conference on Olive Resources at the presence of the Lugnano in Teverina Major and FAO Officer. During the Conference Dr. Lorenzo Leon, seconded from IFAPA to CIA Umbria, performed a seminar related to Characterisation of germplasm collections and olive breeding. The conference has been attended by many scientists and citizens.

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