Dr. Faten Dandachi held a seminar in which she explained the activities carried out during the secondment at IFAPA and the techniques she learned. 




The 27th of November the CNR organized a degustation day with all the partners of BeFOre Project in Perugia, included people in secondment from LARI (Lebanon), MAICH (Greece), SEVITEL (Greece), INTA (Argentina) and researchers from UNIPG.

With the experts Saverio Pandolfi and Nicolò Cultrera (CNR IBBR) it has been evaluated the appearance, the color, the composition, the scent, the flavour and other caracteristics of different olive oils. 

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On Friday the 16th of November 2018, Caarine Saab held a seminar related to her secondment at IFAPA at LARI Fanar station at the presence of LARI scientists. 

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IMG 20181116 WA0065


On October the 30th, at CNR ISAFOM library, the III annual meeting has been held by prof. Roberto Cippitani. At the presence of researchers belonging to University of Perugia, CNR ISAFOM, CNR IBBR, INTA Argentina and LARI, during the roundtable there were faced different topics related to the protection of the scientific results of the research linked to BeFOre Project, the european rules related to the patents and the administrative aspect of the protection of the results.

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On October the 24th, at CNR ISAFOM Library, it has been held a meeting among the CNR ISAFOM, CNR IBBR, the Local Action Group Valle Umbra e Sibillini GAL and the Local Action Group GAL XLOKK Foundation. During the meeting the representants of the institutions faced many topics and the BeFOre Project had a particular relevance. Dr. Marina Bufacchi presented the project activities and the scientific objectives. 

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