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The 24th of March at the University of Perugia during the entomology section and in the presence of the students Dr. Zinette Moussa held a presentation related to the BeFOre project.


The main topics of the presentation were:

- The main agricultures crops and agriculture areas of Lebanon

- The principal crop pests

- The role of LARI to resolve the agriculture problem

- The importance of studying entomology at the university for the future engineers

- The researches at the laboratory of entomology (LARI)

- A resume about the fruit flies survey in Lebanon and the methodology of the survey

- A video about the life cycle of a fruit fly

- Details about the project between LARI and UNIPG under Before project: Study the genetic variability in the population of olive fruit flies in Lebanon. Including the part done in Lebanon and the part done during my stay at UNIPG


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