Seminario   Biodiversidad en el Olivo la gentica en las variedades. 6 Junio

The seminar was focused on the activity carried out by the researcher during their secondments and aims at establishing the varietal potential of the olive oil based on fatty acid and secondary metabolites composition (secoiridoids, biophenols, terpenes, squalene, etc.), excluding the environmental effect. In order to achieve this aim new protocol to extract fatty acids from fruit has been developed. All the partners with the same deliverable used the same protocol to decrease the deviation from the main aim. The fruits from 6070 national and international cultivars (depending on the fruit yield in different countries) were selected and were harvested in two different time (October and November 2015). This activities were done in Italy, Spain, Morocco and Lebanon. These activities will be done also in October and November 2016. The BeFOre project aims to make a comparison of the climatic effect on the olive oil quality and quantity in three main world olive collection of Spain, Morocco and Italy with the participation of national and international minor collection from Lebanon, Jordan, Greece. 

The results: 

-Preliminary results demonstrated the strong correlation between environmental condition and oil quality and quantity. 

-Private companies efforts will help to disseminate the results of BeFOre project directly to the farmers, millers and customers. 

-Olive biodiversity will be the best resource to develop new tools able to improve olive cultivation and production chain in all production countries.

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The seminar was also published and publicized in a local web-newspaper: