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Dr. Claudio Ranocchia, within the WP3, has performed the following activities at the NCARE – Amman, Jordan from October the 18th to December the 16th:
- Exchanging phenotypic and characteristic information of varieties selected in the Before Project
- Sampling of fruits, leaves and shoots of selected 12 autochthonous cultivars at Al-Mushaquar Research Station
- Preparing fruit samples for oil content, oil composition analysis
- Preparing fruits, leaves, shoots and seeds for imaging
- Performing imaging of fruits, leaves, shoots and seed
- Oil content analysis by Soxhlet solvent extraction
- Fatty acid profile by gas chromatograph
- Preparing fruits for polyphenols analysis in dimethyl sulfonide to do in CNR.
- Presentation about ”OLIVE CULTIVARS CHARACTERIZATION” to the NCARE technical staff in date December the 14th.

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Moreover the 14 of December 2016 Dr. Ranocchia performed a seminar attended by NCARE researchers titled "Characterization of olive cultivars". Dr. Claudio present his work conducted at NCARE during his visit from 18 Oct to 16 Dec 2016.