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The overall objective of WP1 is to ensure a sound coordination and management of the project covering technical, administrative, legal, financial, quality and risks related issues and the relation with the European Commission. The specific objectives of the present Work package are twofold:
- To ensure an appropriate management and coordination of the project enabling the communication among all project beneficiaries and partners;
-To manage and monitor project progresses in order to respect time and resources constraints and communicate with the project partners and the Officers assigned to the project.

Description of Work

  • Task 1.1 Project management
  • Task Leader: CNR-ISAFOM
  • Task 1.2 Quality Assurance and risk assessment
  • Task Leader: CNR-ISAFOM

Deliverables & Milestones

  • D.1.1.1 Consortium Agreement (M1)
  • D.1.1.2 Communication flow and methods (M3)
  • D.1.2 Quality plan (M3)