On January the 11th, 2019 at CNR IBBR library, Luciana Baldoni (CNR IBBR) who performed one month of secondment at SEVITEL (GR) and one month of secondment at OPTIMUM QUALITY (SP), Soraya Mousavi (CNR IBBR) and Roberto Mariotti (CNR IBBR) that performed one month of secondment at INRA Marrakech (SP) and Niccolò Cultrera (CNR IBBR) who performed four months of secondment at SEVITEL (GR), presented their activities during the above mentioned periods.

Moreover, Khansa Mekkaui (MAICH) and Jean Jaques Kelner (SUPAGRO) are performing a month of secondment each at CIA UMBRIA (IT). They held a presentation related to their activities in the relative Organisations.

At the end of the presentation there has been a discussion related to the further options for the BeFOre Consortium and to the future calls. 

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