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The 23rd of November 2017 at CNR IBBR meeting Room Mariela Torres held a seminar related to his work at INTA Argentina and his secondment at CNR. The seminar has been attended by CNR IBBR and CNR ISAFOM researchers and seconded people of the BeFOre Project. 

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The 10th of November 2017 has been held the II legal Unit Workshop of the BeFOre Project, involving Sabrina Brizioli, University of Perugia Ph.D student, on a lecture related to Genetic resources access: new challenges in the digital era.

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The 10th of November 2017 the BeFOre Consortium held the III Annual Meeting at the presence of the Work Packages leaders. The meeting was related on "COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT FOR ACCESS TO GENETIC RESOURCES AND THE FAIR AND EQUITABLE SHARING OF BENEFITS" and has been organised inside the WP4 by the legal task of the BeFOre Project and the European Union Excellence Center "Rights and Science".

During the meeting all the consortium members discussed about the Material Tranfer Agreements (MTAs), and in particular about a Collective Material Transfer Agreement. The legal unit is working on it to help the Consortium complying the rules posed by the International treaties and bythe European Union.
The meeting that has been attended by all the members of the Consortium by WEBEX streaming.

The 20th September 2017 at MAICH meeting Room Nicolò Cultrera held a seminar related to his work at CNR IBBR and his secondment at SEVITEL. 

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Moreover Kostantinos Blazakis held an oral presentation with a title “Description of olive cultivars through morphological parameters by using advanced mathematical algorithms” related to his work for the BeFOre Project during the International Conference “Climate Changing Agriculture, 29 August-2September 2017, Chania, Crete.



Today, the 12th of September 2017 at CNR ISAFOM library has been held a Presentation day with people seconded to CNR ISAFOM. 

The seminar was held by Pierluigi Pierantozzi (INTA), Ghina Jebbawi (LARI) and Nikolaos Kamvisis (SEVITEL) at the presence of CNR scientific personnel.

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