The 29th of March h 11:00 at Mediterranean Agronomic Instute of Chania-MAICH Anastasia Apodiakou and Aristotelis Azariadis hold a Seminar related to BeFOre activities carried out during their secondment in CIA UMBRIA (Italy)

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Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amad and Huwaimel Al-Sabyleh from NCARE visited IFAPA for one month secondment from 15 November to 14 December 2016. The research subject was about phenotypic characterization of olive cultivars. They conducted a seminar at IFAPA entitled “A perspective of olive growing in Jordan”. When they come back to NCARE, Mr. Ibrahim presented a seminar on 15 March 2017 about the activities performed at IFAPA. The seminar was attended by NCARE researchers.










coloquio Dpto.1On March, the 13th 2017 in the Council Chamber of the Juridical Science Department Dr. Valentina Colcelli held a meeting on "Contracts under the Nayoga protocol on access to genetic resources and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from their use".

En la Sala de Consejo se llevó a cabo el coloquio: "Contratos en el marco del protocolo de Nayoga sobre acceso a recursos genéticos y participación justa y equitativa en los beneficios provenientes de su utilización", el que fue abordado por la Dra. Valentina Colcelli.

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Seminario before 6

Last January the 27th 2017, at the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori dell’Umbria meeting room has been held a Seminar related to BeFOre activities carried out by:
- Anastasia Apodiakou – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH), Grecia
- Aristotelis Azariadis – Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICH), Grecia
- Konstantinos Koudounas – Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Grecia
- Loukia Roka – Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Grecia
- Prof. Vasilis Kamvisis – Greek Association of Industries and Processors of Olive (SEVITEL), Grecia
- Claudio Ranocchia – Istituto per i sistemi Agricoli e Forestali del Mediterraneo (CNR - ISAFOM), Italia

The seminar was related to the activities caried out by the researchers during their secondments.

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Dr. Claudio Ranocchia, within the WP3, has performed the following activities at the NCARE – Amman, Jordan from October the 18th to December the 16th:
- Exchanging phenotypic and characteristic information of varieties selected in the Before Project
- Sampling of fruits, leaves and shoots of selected 12 autochthonous cultivars at Al-Mushaquar Research Station
- Preparing fruit samples for oil content, oil composition analysis
- Preparing fruits, leaves, shoots and seeds for imaging
- Performing imaging of fruits, leaves, shoots and seed
- Oil content analysis by Soxhlet solvent extraction
- Fatty acid profile by gas chromatograph
- Preparing fruits for polyphenols analysis in dimethyl sulfonide to do in CNR.
- Presentation about ”OLIVE CULTIVARS CHARACTERIZATION” to the NCARE technical staff in date December the 14th.

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Moreover the 14 of December 2016 Dr. Ranocchia performed a seminar attended by NCARE researchers titled "Characterization of olive cultivars". Dr. Claudio present his work conducted at NCARE during his visit from 18 Oct to 16 Dec 2016.