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From 28 to 30 of November has been held the International Congress on Science and right on Mexico. During this meeting, dr. Valentina Colcelli from CNR performed a lecture related to BeFOre Project.

The lecture examines specific ethical and standards principles in the context of research, collection, conservation and use of biodiversity, as well as associated information and traditional knowledge, with particular focus on research projects. They also carry out funds from the European Union and non-EU countries, in particular the United States of Mexico.

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Lari presentation 2016 12
The Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI) organised and invited all Lebanese universities mainly the Agricultural Departments, the Lebanese press, the ministries of health, economy, interior, industry and agronomy to participate to the LARI Scientific days. 
During these days, each Department at LARI presents its research activities during the running year and suggest the research activities for the coming year.
The main participantes for this year where, the LARI staff (researchers, engeneers and researchers) and students and researchers from the Lebanese University.
During this event BeFOre Project has been presented by Dr. Milad El Riachy and each LARI researcher involved in the BeFOre Project made a presentation of his work related to the project.
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Lari presentation 2016 6
Lari presentation 2016 13

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Friday, November the 11th has been performed at CIA Umbria Conference Room a BeFOre Presentation Day held by:

- Anastasia Apodiaku (MAICH)
- Cibeles Contreras (INTA)
- Abdel Kader El-Hajj (LARI)
- Ali Chehade (LARI)
- Nicolò Cultrera (CNR IBBR)
- Saverio Pandolfi (CNR IBBR)

Each researcher presented his work related to the BeFOre project in the CIA Umbria Conference room.

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The BeFOre consortium performed olive harvesting at Zagaria experimental camp in Enna Province.

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Before Project has been presented at International Olive Symposium 2016 on Thusrsday, October 11th 2016, in a workshop with the following program:

Chairpersons: Bouchaib Khadari, Raul de la Rosa, Luciana Baldoni


11.15 – 11,35 Presentation of the BeFOre network

— Marina Bufacchi, Daniele Chiappini, Soraya Mousavi


11.35 – 11,55 Aligning SSR data for their merging in a common database

— Roberto Mariotti, Luciana Baldoni


11.55 – 12,15 Development and use of new SNP markers

— Angjelina Belaj, Raul de la Rosa, Roberto Mariotti


12.15 – 12,35 Advanced mathematical algorithms to characterize olive varieties

through morphological parameters

— Konstantinos Blazakis, Panagiotis Kalaitzis


12.35 – 12,55 Fruit metabolite profiling of main varieties

— Raúl de la Rosa, Soraya Mousavi, Angjelina Belaj


12.55 – 13,15 Genetic mapping for QTL detection: towards a consensus genetic

map based on NGS tools

— Bouchaib Khadari, Luciana Baldoni


13,15 – 13,35 Concluding remarks

— Angjelina Belaj, Milad El Riachi, Mariela Torres, Salam Ayoub,

Abdelmajid Moukhli


13,35 – 14,00 General discussion

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