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The richness of the olive patrimony, accounting for more than 1,200 varieties still under cultivation, over 2,000 represented by a few or single ancient trees, all natural populations of wild plants spread along the Mediterranean shores and the related forms growing in Africa and Asia, is challenging scientists, olive producers and genetic resource managers. Particularly difficult resulted to identify and reorganize the accessions present in the collections of olive varieties and to find correct and mutually agreed data, at molecular, agronomical and morphophysiological level.

The objectives of this WP focus on the construction of common protocols and the sharing of  information on the identity and performance of the main olive cultivars, paying attention on the contribution of the wild related forms. In particular, we aim to:

- Select the most outstanding effective DNA markers derived from ongoing genomics projects;

- Establish common protocols for molecular characterization;

- Develop shared association mapping approaches for the identification of the genome regions affecting the agronomical performance;

- Genotyping the wild and domesticated resources;

- Develop a common database including molecular and agro-biological information on the most important olive resources.

Description of Work

Deliverables & Milestones

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